Russia's newest warship Admiral Makarov passes through English Channel

Royal Navy Shadows Russia's Newest Warship In English Channel

Russia's newest warship Admiral Makarov passes through English Channel

Russian frigate Admiral Makarov (Image: Royal Navy).

The Royal Navy has shadowed Russia's newest warship as it sailed through the English Channel. 

Portsmouth-based minehunter HMS Hurworth and a Wildcat HMA2 helicopter from 815 Naval Air Squadron based at Yeovilton were dispatched to monitor the Admiral Makarov.

The 4,000-tonne Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate joined the Russian fleet last year and is the latest in a number of Russian warships to be watched over by the Royal Navy close to UK shores.

Russian frigate Admiral Makarov sails through English Channel
Admiral Makarov is Russia's newest warship. (Image: Royal Navy).

It comes as two RAF Typhoons based in Romania were scrambled in response to two Russian aircraft flying over the Black Sea.

A Royal Navy spokesman said:

"They are the latest Royal Navy assets to be activated over the summer to monitor the activity of Russian surface ships sailing in or close to the UK's sphere of interest.

"Patrol ship HMS Mersey, destroyer HMS Diamond and frigate Montrose have all been dispatched to observe Russian vessels passing the UK in the past two months."

Royal Navy warship and Wildcat helicopter
In June, a Wildcat was deployed to monitor a Russia reconnaissance vessel. (Library image: Royal Navy).

On August 7, Type 45 destroyer HMS Diamond sailed from Dover to monitor the Russian destroyer Severomorsk and cruiser Marshal Ustinov.

At the beginning of the year, Type 23 frigate HMS Westminster was dispatched to monitor the activities of two Russian frigates and their support vessels as they returned to the Baltic after operations in the Middle East.

HMS St Albans was also called upon to monitor the new Russian warship Admiral Gorshkov over Christmas.

While in June, HMS Diamond and a Wildcat helicopter from 815 Naval Air Squadron at RNAS Yeovilton were dispatched to follow the underwater reconnaissance ship Yantar after it approached the UK coast.

In the same month, HMS Montrose shadowed two Russian warships in the North Sea as they approached the English Channel.