Royal Navy Shadows Russian Warship In English Channel

HMS Mersey closely tracked the Russian warship as she sailed into the English Channel.

The Royal Navy has tracked a Russian warship off the coast of France and through the English Channel.

HMS Mersey, an Offshore Patrol Vessel, was in home waters completing routine security patrols when she was called to find and monitor the Russian vessel and its support ship.

The Navy said HMS Mersey took over from the French Navy and closely tracked the Steregushchiy-class corvette RFS Boiky after she sailed into the Channel. 

Lieutenant Commander Will Edwards-Bannon, HMS Mersey's Commanding Officer, said: “Working to preserve the maritime security of the UK has always been one of the Royal Navy’s very highest priority missions throughout our long history."

It comes a day after Royal Air Force Typhoons in Scotland were scrambled to intercept Russian aircraft flying in the UK's area of interest. 

Cover image: HMS Mersey tracked the Russian ship through the English Channel (Picture: Royal Navy).