HMS Enterprise Evacuate Ill Sailor

Royal Navy Sailor Evacuated After Falling Ill In Asia Pacific

United States helicopters took the sailor to shore for urgent medical attention after he fell ill while on HMS Enterprise.

HMS Enterprise Evacuate Ill Sailor

A British sailor was evacuated from their ship, after falling ill in the Asia Pacific.

The US 7th Fleet sent two HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopters to pick up a sailor on board HMS Enterprise, who needed urgent medical attention ashore. 

The Echo-class survey ship, which does not have aircraft of its own, was south of Japan when the sailor was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat.

The US Air Force pararescueman landed on Enterprise's deck, before taking the sailor to US Naval Hospital at Camp Foster Okinawa to complete the Casevac (casualty evacuation).

HMS Enterprise Evacuate Ill Sailor
HMS Enterprise at sea, south of Japan (Picture: Royal Navy).

HMS Enterprise Commanding Officer, Captain Cecil Ladislaus commended the crew onboard for being prepared and keeping cool during the emergency: "I am proud of the professionalism and commitment of our fellow nations and of our sailors, without whom we could have been facing a very different situation"

From Camp Foster, the British sailor was transferred to a Japanese hospital where his condition was deemed not to be as serious as first thought.

He is now recovering in the UK.

The unwell British sailor was winched from on board HMS Enterprise to receive urgent treatment at a US naval hospital in Japan (Picture: Royal Navy).