Front and back of new £20 note 200220 CREDIT BANK OF ENGLAND

Royal Navy History Featured On New £20 Note

The new £20 note is made from polymer and includes an iconic painting of HMS Temeraire.

Front and back of new £20 note 200220 CREDIT BANK OF ENGLAND

The new £20 banknote has entered circulation and it includes a piece of Royal Navy history.

On the reverse side of the note, 'The Fighting Temeraire' painting by artist JMW Turner is featured.

The iconic artwork depicts a steam tug hauling HMS Temeraire to Rotherhithe shipyard in London to be broken up in 1838. 

HMS Temeraire, a 98-gun ship, played a distinguished role in Lord Nelson's victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. 

The painting, which was completed in 1839, was thought to represent the "decline of Britain's naval power", according to The National Gallery.

In 2005, it was voted the nation's greatest painting in a poll set up by BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

On the new note, a self-portrait of Turner is also featured alongside the painting.

Back of new £20 note 200220 CREDIT BANK OF ENGLAND
The back of the new £20 note also features a self-portrait of JMW Turner (Picture: Bank of England).

What is different about the new £20 note?

Like the Sir Winston Churchill £5 and the Jane Austen £10, the new £20 is made from polymer.

It replaces the old paper note featuring economist Adam Smith and has been described by the Bank of England as its most secure note yet.

It has a hologram image which changes - tilting the note from side-to-side, the words change between "twenty" and "pounds".

The note also has transparent windows, with blue and gold foil on the front and silver on the back.

A silver foil patch containing a 3D image of the coronation crown is also included.

Front of new £20 note 200220 CREDIT BANK OF ENGLAND
The front of the note includes blue and gold foil on its transparent window (Picture: Bank of England).

The note is around 139mmx73mm in size and has raised dots to help blind and partially sighted people identify it.

The note has also has some special features, Snapchat users will be able to bring it to life by hovering over the note or an image of it.

It will appear to transform into a live piece of artwork through the use of augmented reality.

For now, the old paper £20 note can continue to be used as normal.

The Bank of England will give six months' notice ahead of its legal tender status being withdrawn.

Cover Image: The front and back of the new £20 note (Picture: Bank of England).