Anonymous shot of sailors onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth 041219 CREDIT ROYAL NAVY

Royal Navy To Cut Back On Senior Personnel

The First Sea Lord said he is making "bold changes" to reshape the Royal Navy and give the service "more punch" on operations.

Anonymous shot of sailors onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth 041219 CREDIT ROYAL NAVY

The Royal Navy is to cut back on some of its most senior personnel because the service has become "too top-heavy", the First Sea Lord has said.

Admiral Tony Radakin said there will be "bold changes" to reshape the Navy and that the money saved would be spent on frontline jobs instead.

Speaking in a Christmas message posted by the Navy on Twitter, Admiral Tony Radakin said: "We will reduce the size of Navy Command Headquarters with fewer Admirals and 1 Stars and look again at who really needs to be there.

"The Surface Flotillas will merge into one. Heads of fighting arms will be 1 Stars other than CGRM (Commandant General Royal Marines).

"Any positions that we free up will be invested in the frontline."

According to reports, five Admiral posts will be axed as part of the shake-up, leaving the Navy with 37.

It is also reported that the number of military and civilian personnel at the Royal Navy's headquarters in Portsmouth could be halved.

"For too long we have bumped along," the First Sea Lord said.

"We're growing as a brand new Navy and we're going to change and it will be for the better.

"There has to be less gapping and we need to be a Navy with more punch that really keeps us safe when people are placed in harm's way.

"We can do that but it needs people up for the change and strong leaders."

In October, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace announced a quarter of the Royal Navy's ships could not be sent out to sea.

He said he had "made it very clear" to the First Sea Lord that one of his priorities was to get more out of the ships already in the fleet rather than ordering new ones.

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A new defence review is expected to be launched next year (Picture: Royal Navy).

He added: "When you go the Treasury and ask for more money, the Treasury will turn around and say, 'Well we've given you all this money and they're not working', it makes a harder case when you go for more ships."

In 2020, a new Strategic Defence and Security Review is set to be launched by the Government.

Boris Johnson's chief adviser, Dominic Cummings, has also said he will investigate defence procurement.

He previously branded the procurements of the Royal Navy's two new aircraft carriers "a farce".

Cover Image: Royal Navy personnel onboard aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth (Picture: Royal Navy).