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Expedition With Steve Backshall: Elite Commando Sniper Features In Pioneering TV Show

Aldo Kane has spoken to Forces News about his on-screen adventures with naturalist Steve Backshall.

Elite Commando Reconnaissance Sniper Aldo Kane has spoken to Forces News about his new TV show. 

'Expedition with Steve Backshall' is a 10-part series exploring parts of the planet that have been rarely seen and, in some cases, are not officially documented on maps. 

Mr Kane joined the Royal Marines straight from school, and many of the skills he learned came in useful while filming in some of the world's most remote locations.

Mr Kane came across some of the planet's harshest environments during filming.

"I joined the Royal Marines at the age of 16 and served through 10 years, left when I was 26.

"I was a sniper in the Marines.

"We've just finished filming a new series and it's called 'Expedition with Steve Backshall' - who is a naturalist I've worked with for many years now and we've just finished 10 world-first expeditions.

The series documents 10 world-first expeditions across the globe.

"We're in Borneo, we're in the Arctic up in Greenland, we're in Mexico cave diving, we've been to almost every environment; all the environments that you'd train in being a Marine - jungle, desert, arctic, mountains.

Mr Kane says the most challenging part of the production is managing people and places. With film crew, presenters, and kit, keeping it all together in these environments can be difficult.

He says a lot of what he does on a daily basis draws on the skills he developed as a Marine:

"Most of my formative years as an adult were with other Royal Marines - whether that's a good thing or a bad thing I'm not entirely sure!

"It's what you do when people aren't watching that then distinguishes me from someone else or a Royal Marine from someone else and that's what I always pride myself on when I'm on expedition."