Royal Marines Smash Speed March World Record

The previous record had been unbroken for nearly 20 years...

A team of eight serving and former Royal Marines has smashed the Speed March world record.

It consisted of completing a full marathon distance of 26.2 miles while carrying a weight of 40lbs or more.

The Royal Marines finished it in four hours, 16 minutes and 43 seconds, breaking the previous record by over two minutes. 

Major ‘Scotty’ Mills RM, the lead planner and Officer for the world record attempt said:

“The feeling of crossing this line as World Record holders is a special moment. I am so proud of this team and I thank them all for making an old marine very happy.

“I’ve had the privilege to lead Royal Marines on theatre entry operations around the globe, and I’ve been chosen to represent our Armed Forces at our home Olympic Games yet this is right up there as my proudest moment.

“It is the collective power of what is truly possible that leads me to conclude that this is the greatest team that I have ever led”.

Picture courtesy of Anthony Upton.

The team nature of the challenge is essential, as every member that takes part must make it to the end, or the attempt doesn't count.

This is one of the reasons why the Royal Marines are world leaders in it.

The team conducted training runs at Lympstone Commando, Yeovil, Richmond Park and Manchester in all conditions.

One of the participants, Sergeant Mags Maguire, said: “On the final mile, the tunnel vision was disorientating, a numbness took over my legs; I couldn’t feel them. I just about remember the finish line.

“The bonds formed during adversity are unrivalled in any other social dynamic. This was an unbelievable experience, one that I will never forget.”

Previously, the record was held by the 29 Commando Regiment RA, who in 1998 completed the distance in four hours, 19 minutes and 7 seconds.

A speed march is a combination of marching and running which features in one of the four Commando Tests that every Royal Marine must pass to earn their green beret.

The Commando Tests include an Endurance Course, a 9-mile speed march, a Tarzan Assault course and a 30-mile march across Dartmoor.

Pictures courtesy of Anthony Upton.