45 Commando's Recce Troop on Cuillin Ridge (Picture: Royal Navy).

45 Commando's Recce Troop on Cuillin Ridge (Picture: Royal Navy).

Royal Marines from 45 Commando have climbed Cuillin Ridge, described as the UK's "most challenging mountaineering expedition".

Nine in ten people in the UK fail the challenge to climb Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye.

45 Commando, based at RM Condor, are an Amphibious Commando Unit that form part of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines.

The Recce Troop focus on Arctic and mountain warfare, reconnaissance and surveillance. 

Personnel on one of the peaks (Picture: Royal Navy).
Personnel on one of the peaks (Picture: Royal Navy).

Royal Marines had to complete three weeks of training in the Scottish Highlands before assaulting the Ridge which runs for 12 kilometres down the spine of western Skye.

Personnel had to endure 30 peaks which twisted and twined, rose and fall some 4,000 metres along their length.

Handbooks for climber's taking on the challenge warn it is “the most challenging mountaineering expedition in the British Isles” and is similar to tackling parts of the Alps.

It usually takes around 30 hours to finish the 12-kilometre route.

(Picture: Royal Navy).
The route can take climbers 30 hours to complete (Picture: Royal Navy).

However, Recce Troop from 45 Commando completed the Ridge in 21 hours and 45 minutes.

The Royal Navy say they are the first unit to complete the entire ridge in decades. 

Mountain leader and Officer Commanding Recce Troop Captain Arron Broughton said:

"The way is exposed and gruelling with continuous climbing, abseiling, challenging route finding and all the logistical hassles of a real expedition, including a mountaintop encampment."

The team completed the Ridge in uniform aided by military kit.