Royal Marines

Royal Marines Complete Peacekeeping Training In Belarus

Belarusian forces shared tactics with another nation for the first time in "recent history" during the exercise.

Royal Marines have completed a two-week training exercise with Belarusian forces, focused on tactics and skills used in peacekeeping missions.

28 marines from Lima Company, 42 Commando, worked with the Peacekeeping Company of 103rd Guards Airborne Division at the Losvido Training Areas in northern Belarus.

During Exercise Winter Partisan, the Belarusian troops also shared their own survival, navigation and tactical skills with the marines.

The Royal Navy said it is the first time in "recent history" they have provided training to another nation.

Officer Commanding Lima Company, Major John Whiteman, said the exercise “enhanced the company’s abilities for the future".

As well as training exercises, the marines also visited museums and a memorial to almost three million Belarusians who died during World War Two.

Exercise Winter Partisan is part of a bilateral programme between the UK and Belarus (Picture: Royal Navy).

“Visiting the Khatyn Memorial was a memorable visit," Major Whiteman said.

"This was a very sobering affair and highlighted the brutality that was experienced on the Eastern Front.”

The Ministry of Defence previously said the deployment of the marines to Belarus was the largest number of British personnel to have been sent to the country for training.

Exercise Winter Partisan is part of a bilateral programme between the two countries. 

Cover image: Royal Marine during Exercise Winter Partisan (Picture: Royal Navy).