Royal Marines

Royal Marines ranks: How do they work?

Although the Royal Marines are part of the Royal Navy, they use a rank structure similar to that of the British Army.

The Royal Marines are the world's most elite amphibious force.

Although part of the Royal Navy, they use a rank structure similar to that of the British Army.

The Royal Marines have been undergoing a modernisation programme, known as the Future Commando Force, with includes new kit, new ways of working and a new uniform.

There are two distinct tiers, commissioned officers and other ranks. 

The term 'officer' refers to someone with a commission, which is a formal document of appointment signed by the monarch.

To distinguish Royal Marines from their Army colleagues, their names are followed by the words 'Royal Marines' or 'RM'.

All Royal Marines Officers, recruits and reserves are trained at the Commando Training Centre, (CTCRM), at Lympstone in Devon.

What are the different Royal Marines ranks?

- Marine

- Lance Corporal

- Corporal

- Sergeant

- Colour Sergeant 

- Warrant Officer Class 2

- Warrant Officer Class 1

What are the different Royal Marines officer ranks?

- Second Lieutenant

- Lieutenant

- Captain

- Major

- Lieutenant Colonel

- Colonel

- Brigadier (one-star rank)

- Major General (two-star rank)

- Lieutenant General (three-star rank)

- General (four-star rank)

Cover image: Royal Marines training at HMNB Devonport (Picture: Royal Navy).