Prince Charles

Gun Salutes Fired For Prince Charles' 70th Birthday

Birthday salutes from Green Park and the Tower of London are among those to have been fired.

Gun salutes have been fired to celebrate the 70th birthday of Prince Charles.

At midday the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery fired a 41-gun salute in Green Park in honour of the event, while Honourable Artillery Company fired a 62-gun salute from the Tower of London at 1pm.

In Wales, Army Reservists from C Troop 211 Battery fired a 21-gun salute from Cardiff Castle.

Final preparations were made by King's Troop personnel on Wednesday morning at Wellington Barracks before they made their way to Green Park, where the took their firing position for the salute at midday.

At Green Park, on command, six First World War-era 13 pounder Field Guns fired blank artillery rounds at 10-second intervals until they completed 41 shots, while three L118 Ceremonial Light Guns were fired 62 times at the Tower of London.

During the birthday celebrations, the Band of the Royal Artillery played a selection of celebratory music.

Personnel from the King's Troop spent Wednesday morning completing final preparations before giving the ceremonial saluting battery of Her Majesty's Household Division.

Pulling the guns from Wellington Barracks towards Green Park were 71 horses, with each animal being groomed prior to the event.

How the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery prepared for the 41-gun salute at Green Park

"In the salute room, we pick out the feet, dry scrub the feet, give him a good groom," explained Gunner Jodie Cahill.

"Then we’ll do the extra stuff like chalking their feet which I’ll do in a minute, then [put] polish on their feet, then give him a shave, get all the whiskers away.

"Give him a good old dig out ready for the Queen.

"You have to do the eyes round there and the muzzle. It looks like they don’t enjoy it but they’re used to it. It doesn’t hurt them."

King's Troops Prince Charles birthday prep

Despite not being an experienced horsewoman when she joined the Army, Gunner Cahill is now a regular attendee at royal events: "My favourite time is being able to ride in front of the Queen at the Windsor Horse Show. That I really, really enjoyed. And being able to do QBPs – Queen’s Birthday Parade.

"There's a lot of opportunities you get working with the King's Troop, especially if you like animals."