Royal Engineers Clear Explosives From Scottish Training Area

Members of 33 Royal Engineers are spending five weeks clearing Kirkcudbright Training Area.

Bomb disposal experts from the Royal Engineers have been clearing explosives and ammunition from a firing range in Scotland.

Troops from 33 Engineer Regiment's Explosive Ordnance Disposal units are working at Kirkcudbright Training Area over a period of five weeks.

The role is normally covered by civilian contractors, but the coronavirus pandemic has prevented them from carrying out the work.

"Usually this task would be conducted by civilian contractors," said Lieutenant Rebecca Collinson.

"However, due to the [COVID-19] situation, there would not be the support in place for them to conduct this task, such as hotels, feeding, transport.

"So, 33 Engineer Regiment here doing search have been tasked to backfill so that these essential tasks can still take place in the UK."

33 Engineer Regiment troops bomb disposal clear training area Scotland 310720 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
The personnel are spending five weeks at Kirkcudbright Training Area, in south-west Scotland.

The engineers are working in teams of two to meticulously search the ground which covers 30 hectares.

"This is a high-assurance search, so 100% of the area will be searched up to one metre in depth," Lt Collinson said.

"This then ensures the area can be used [for] future taskings and also just for the local population - the civilian population - to move with footpaths and the like."

The personnel are using a type of metal detector to find the ammunitions, while a shovel is used to dig them up.

After 33 Engineer Regiment finish their work, the land will be safe and ready to be used for future training exercises and the local community who use parts of the area.