VE Day

Royal Albert Hall Set For VE Day Concert Behind Closed Doors

Katherine Jenkins will perform “we’ll meet again” to an empty auditorium during a virtual concert to mark the 75th anniversary of VE day.

A concert will be held behind closed doors at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Friday to mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day.

Katherine Jenkins will sing "we'll meet again" to an empty auditorium, due to coronavirus restrictions.

However, the classical singer will have a virtual audience tuning in from across the globe.

She told Forces News: “I was so excited when the Royal Albert Hall reached out and said would you consider coming to do a concert to a completely empty auditorium?

“Because I do strongly believe that this is an occasion that we mustn’t let simply just go by without all the celebration that we can muster under the circumstances.

“It should be a really special thing to be able to do and I feel very honoured that they asked me.”

Having been involved in previous VE Day commemorations, the classical artist said: “I just sort of feel like, it’s always a lovely day, I always love how people get in that British spirit with their tea parties and that dressing up and that kind of stuff.

“And I think it’s really important that we remember the sacrifice and everything that people went through.”

One of those who will be watching the concert is Frank Baugh – a D-Day veteran who was in the Royal Navy and remembers the moment he was told about the German surrender.

He spoke of how the reaction was “ballistic”, with “jumping and shouting and whistling”, and that it was “fantastic”.

He added: “We kept asking the skipper ‘is it true? Is nobody joking? No, it’s true’”.

The concert will help to raise money for SSAFA, the armed forces charity.

SSAFA’s Chief Executive, Lieutenant General Sir Andrew Gregory said: “Men and women put the nation before themselves.

“That is what we are celebrating, the values they espoused, and I think we’re seeing much of that today where many people are putting service to others before their own safety, so it has never been more appropriate to celebrate an anniversary like VE Day.”

Cover image: Royal Albert Hall in London (Picture: PA).