rfa mounts bay

RFA Mounts Bay: What Is She And What Can She Do?

rfa mounts bay

Royal Fleet Auxillary ships have been providing a lifeline to Royal Naval vessels for more than a hundred years.

Versatile in nature, RFA Mounts Bay can deliver worldwide support to the Royal Navy in various tasks including warfighting, counter-piracy, counter-narcotics operations and humanitarian and disaster relief.

mounts bay

Her current mission is to provide emergency supplies of food, water, and personnel, as well as medical support, temporary shelter, and sanitation in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Since coming into service in 2006 Mounts Bay has played key roles in many amphibious exercises, including operations off Sierra Leone, the Baltic Regions and off the coast of the UK.

She measures in at 176 metres in length and can reach speeds of 18 knots, and has a massive propulsion system, huge power generation capacity and the facilities of a large hotel.

mounts bay

The stern of RFA Mounts Bay makes her attractive to the Royal Marines as it can dip down and flood with water, to enable them to deploy a landing force by boat.

There is also a large helipad up top which can fit a chinook sized aircraft.

This amphibious support and supply vessel she can carry vehicles, landing craft and up to 250 Royal Marines.

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