RFA Mounts Bay in Bahamas Credit MOD 12.09.19
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RFA Mounts Bay Returns To UK For First Time In Three Years

The vessel has returned to the UK after over three years in the Caribbean.

RFA Mounts Bay in Bahamas Credit MOD 12.09.19

RFA Mounts Bay has returned to the UK for the first time in more than three years.

The Bay-class auxiliary landing ship docked in Portland, Dorset, on Saturday after spending the last few years in the Caribbean.

The ship was deployed to the region to assist with hurricane and disaster relief, as well as counter-narcotics operations.

In September, RFA Mounts Bay supported aid relief operations in the Caribbean following Hurricane Dorian.

While last month, the ship and her crew helped seize more than £35 million worth of drugs in the region.

Offshore patrol vessel HMS Medway is taking over from RFA Mounts Bay as the Atlantic Patrol Tasking (North) ship in the region.

RFA Mounts Bay was launched in 2004 and has gone on to support vital amphibious operations and exercises all over the world.


Cover image: RFA Mounts Bay in the Bahamas in September 2019 (Picture: MOD).