Reservists Could Be Deployed In Case Of No-Deal Brexit

It follows an order confirming the Ministry of Defence will be allowed to call upon reserves.

Reservists in the British military could be called out on operations if there is a no-deal Brexit.

A new order has confirmed that the Ministry of Defence (MOD) can call upon reserves should Britain leave the European Union without a deal.

The move will enable commanding officers to send 'call out' notices to personnel if requested by government departments.

It is in support of contingency planning for a no-deal scenario, under the Reserve Forces Act 1996.

As many as 3,500 personnel could be called up, with around 10% of those being reservists.

However, the specific skill requirements would depend on which area of government was to make a request.

Any reservists who are mobilised for full-time service will be sent a 'call out' notice.

In most cases, personnel get 28 days' notice upon receiving a 'call out', however this may decrease in urgent situations.

The MOD has already confirmed planning is underway for if a no-deal Brexit takes place.

Defence minister Tobias Ellwood said on Monday it was 'right' for the MOD to contingency plan for a no-deal scenario.