Reservists Pause For Remembrance Service On Exercise Iron Wolf

They were joined by their Lithuanian counterparts in commemorating the fallen.

More than 100 reservists who are in Lithuania for Exercise Iron Wolf have paused for a Remembrance service in a forest.

4 Mercian joined their Lithuanian counterparts, who are hosting the exercise, in honouring the fallen.

Major Rimas Cepononis, Commander of Exercise Iron Wolf, Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas Mechanized Infantry Battalion, said: "It's a real honour and pleasure to stand here shoulder to shoulder together with our brothers in arms."

Everyone in attendance had their own personal connection to remembrance.

Lance Corporal Josh Grant, 4 Mercian, said: "It's just remembering the people that have gone before us, people that can't be here today, making sure that those people are still remembered.

"When I went to Cyprus we lost a lad there, so making sure that these people are still remembered - that's what it means to me."

Taking time from the exercise in Lithuania to remember fallen comrades.

Private Andrew Rushton added: "Obviously I think it's important that everybody should remember the sacrifices that other people have made.

"To do it out here, I suppose, is different."

For 4 Mercian's Padre, Reverend Tim Flowers, it was a special moment.

"It means a great deal, this is the first remembrance service I've done in the field," he said.

"I buried an unknown soldier in France this year, remembrance seems that much more precious to me now."

Exercise Iron Wolf will last for two weeks.