Soldiers from the Royal Gurkha Regiment stood guard around the Cenotaph

Poll results: Is it okay to take a selfie at cenotaphs on Remembrance Sunday?

Will you be posing for Insta likes?

Soldiers from the Royal Gurkha Regiment stood guard around the Cenotaph

Each year, millions of people wear a poppy to remember those who lost their lives while serving their country on operations in the Armed Forces.

The culmination of this national act happens at 11 o'clock on Remembrance Sunday, when, alongside the Queen in London, communities pack out cenotaph gardens and take part in a two-minute silence in solemn contemplation of all those lost.

The specifics of these commemorative events, which happen everywhere from remote villages in the Outer Hebrides to urban sprawls of cities like Birmingham and Manchester, are largely unchanged since they were first held 100 years ago.

Yet, while the sight of veterans wearing berets laying wreaths is considered usual, other behaviours which are more contemporary in nature might stand out as being inappropriate. 

A divisive question among veterans and non-veterans alike is whether it is appropriate to take a selfie at Remembrance Sunday to share on spaces like Twitter and Instagram.

We asked for your thoughts, which we polled on social media.

Here are the results!

On Facebook, in answer to the question: Is it OK to take selfies at cenotaphs? 203 people (31%) voted yes and 451 (69%) said they did not think it would be appropriate.

Similarly, on Instagram, the majority of people said no (78%), with 22% saying yes, taking selfies at cenotaphs is OK.