British Military Remembrance Service Held In Germany

It was the first remembrance service held there since the last British Army field units left this summer.

Armed Forces personnel and their families have attended a service of remembrance in Germany.

It is the first Remembrance Sunday since 20th Armoured Brigade and the Army's last field units returned to the UK over the summer.

Only a few small detachments remain, and many of the personnel still in Germany help run training facilities that the Army has kept there.

The service was held at the largest of the bases - Sennelager.

Padre Germany Remembrance Sennelager 111119 CREDIT BFBS.
Army Chaplain, Padre Richard Downes: Picture BFBS

Lieutenant Colonel Danny Wild, who joined the British Army 45 years ago, now commands Sennelager Garrison.

He said: "I have lost some very good friends in different parts of the world, so it just makes me feel privileged and very lucky still to be here.

"I've served in the Balkans, Sierra Leone and obviously Iraq when we were on operations there but I think the most poignant for me was that I was very privileged last year to march with my regiment at the Cenotaph and to be at the Cenotaph is overwhelming."

Padre Germany Remembrance Sennelager Wreath 111119 CREDIT BFBS.
Lieutenant Colonel Danny Wild, Commanding Officer Sennelager Garrison laying poppy wreath.

The service offered a chance for reflection.

Army Chaplain, Padre Richard Downes, has had to bury at least two soldiers who lost their lives in operations.

He says both had passed away in the place of a friend.

"Norman had agreed to carry out a routine MT driving detail as a favour for a friend during which he was ambushed and killed," said Padre Downes.

"Adam Slater had just voluntarily swapped over with a driver of a Scimitar CVRT to give him a break when minutes later his vehicle struck a mine.”

Poppy wreaths were laid at the garrison in honour of those who have lost their lives.

Commemorations were also held across the UK to mark the 100th Armistice Day.