Tim Peake Red Arrows
Red Arrows

Tim Peake Joins Red Arrows As They Prepare To Take On North America

Tim Peake Red Arrows

Tim Peake in a Red Arrow Hawk T1 after completing a loop (Picture: MOD).

British astronaut Tim Peake joined the Red Arrows for a rehearsal flight before their display at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) this weekend.

It is the RAF's Aerobatic Teams last display in the UK this year before setting off next month for their biggest-ever tour of North America.

Watch: the Red Arrows prepare to take on North America

Mr Peake sat in the rear seat of Red 1’s aircraft for the 20-minute flight.

He experienced the team’s hallmark combination of close-formations, precision passes and dynamic loops and rolls first-hand.

One of the manoeuvres practised - which features in the Red Arrows’ 2019 show - is Apollo, arranged in a shape that marks Saturday’s 50th anniversary of the Moon landing.

Tim Peake Red Arrows Loop RIAT
Red Arrows performing the python manoeuvre with Tim Peake sat in the back seat of Red 1’s jet (Picture: MOD).

After the flight, Mr Peake said: “What a huge honour and privilege to join the Red Arrows today – a fantastic flight.

"It was brilliant to fly with Red 1, to see not only what was going on in the front but also looking back at the amazing formations.

"I fulfilled a boyhood dream today, I really have.”

Tim Peake with Red 1 RIAT
Tim Peake with Squadron Leader Martin Pert (Red 1) after the flight (Picture: MOD).

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