Red Arrows

Red Arrows: We Go Through The RAF Team's 2021 Display Moves

The Red Arrows have choreographed fresh manoeuvres for the 2021 display season, while also bringing back existing crowd favourites.

Red Arrows displays are returning to the UK for the first time in almost two years, after a forced hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The new Team Leader, or Red 1, has choreographed fresh manoeuvres for the 2021 season, while bringing back crowd favourites from previous years.

The season commences on 4 June and runs until 12 September.

The show changes each year - here is what the RAF's aerobatic display team has in store for 2021.

Never-seen-before moves

This year's display begins with a new arrival, called the 'Wall'.

This will see the team's Hawk T1 aircraft spread out as wide as possible, filling the sky from the word go.

A brand-new manoeuvre called 'Boomerang' will be seen towards the end of the display – performed by Reds 6 and 7, the Synchro Pair.

The two jets will approach one another at 100ft, before crossing in front of the crowd and then each beginning a loop, reaching 4,000ft.

Adjusting their angles rather than completing the 360-degree loop, they will head back towards their smoke trails and pass each other once more.

Watch: The Red Arrows break down the 'Boomerang' manoeuvre.

After a long period of show cancellations, the Red Arrows will use all-blue smoke trails in a move known as 'Slalom' to recognise the work of NHS staff and key workers in the UK during the COVID pandemic.

Returning favourites

As well as bringing in new ideas, Red 1 can choose which shapes will remain or return from previous seasons.

The 2021 display features a return of many of the team's biggest shapes, including 'Swan' and the 'Big Vixen Roll', the latter featuring all nine jets rolling upside down while just six feet apart.

Crowd favourite 'Tornado' will also be on show, with Reds 8 and 9 rolling around the trail left by the other seven aircraft in front.

'Hammer Head Break' is back, an arena-filling spectacle to start the second half of the show.

'Mirror Roll', performed by the rear sections, Reds 6 to 9, is also making a return.

The 'Heart and Spear' will return as a popular shape in the final 10 minutes, while 'Vixen Break' will conclude the display.

Vixen Break: the show-closing move in the Red Arrows' repertoire (Picture: Red Arrows).

More information on the display can be found on the RAF website here.