Red Arrows

Red Arrows Put On Breathtaking Displays In International Tour

The Red Arrows have been demonstrating their skills in a five week overseas deployment.

Red Arrows

The Red Arrows have been demonstrating their skills on a five-week overseas deployment.

The team have already visited France, Greece, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar on the tour.

On their visit to Qatar, the Red Arrows jets flew alongside a Qatar Airways Airbus to mark the airline’s 20th anniversary.

Most recently, the UK has celebrated its close links with the Middle Eastern country of Oman with a display by the world-famous aircraft in Muscat.

The team performed loops, rolls and close passes in front of an audience of thousands.

Wing Commander Andrew Keith, Officer Commanding said of the tour:

“Displaying in Oman and for the people of Muscat is a clear demonstration of the UK’s close links with the country, particularly among our Armed Forces.

“The Red Arrows have a vital role when visiting locations overseas, being versatile ambassadors for the UK […]”

One of the Red Arrows’ key roles is to act as ambassadors for the UK, and the team have been focusing on promoting British business, education and industry.

It’s all part of a government-run campaign known as GREAT Britain; an ambitious project through which the UK government hopes to show the best of what Britain has to offer to an international audience.

Following their visit to Oman, the team will be making their way to Pakistan, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia before returning home.