Red Arrows Challenge: RAF Bobsleigh Team Responds To GB Attempt

It was the Air Force team's turn to push the iconic T1 Hawk aircraft.

The Royal Air Force Bobsleigh team have had their go at the Red Arrows challenge of pushing a T1 Hawk aircraft.

Last week, the military members of the GB Bobsleigh team completed their attempt at RAF Scampton and gave the Air Force a time to beat.

The aim of the challenge is to push the iconic plane for 30 metres both with and without a truck on the end.

In the heavier push, the GB team set a time of 44.9 seconds.

The RAF were unable to beat that with their attempt of 58.52 seconds.

In the lighter challenge, the RAF beat GB's time of 17.08 seconds by just 0.24 of a second.

Originally, this challenge was supposed to be judged on the heavier push but the RAF were having none of that.

The RAF team who took on the challenge.

Jamaican international Lance Corporal Shanwayne Stephens said: "No, we definitely won. The clocks don’t lie.

"I was very happy with today’s performance.

"The fact that we were able to beat the GB team’s time is brilliant.

"It’s just a testament to the calibre of athletes that we do have in the Air Force."

The challenge was created to raise exposure for a sport that has no funding.

Corporal John Stanbridge was pleased to take part: "We really do appreciate the help from the Red Arrows," he said.

"For myself as an engineer to see how they work is a great experience.

"Bobsleigh itself is such a niche sport and it is great to see it pushed out to a wider audience."

With one race won by the RAF and one race won by Team GB, both sides will have to settle for a draw.