Gurkha Riflemen at passing out parade in Catterick

From Recruits To Riflemen: New Gurkhas Complete Training

Gurkha Riflemen at passing out parade in Catterick

A new group of 267 riflemen have been celebrating with family and friends after they successfully passed out from Gurkha Company in Catterick after nine months of intense training

At the beginning of the year, 270 recruits arrived in the UK from Nepal for the first time to undergo basic infantry training, while the remaining three will complete their training in the coming months.

Major General Paul Nanson said their journey from selection into training and passing out has been "an incredible achievement".

The Commandant of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst also expressed his admiration for the Gurkhas. Major General Nanson said: "They are part of our history, they’re part of our heritage, our ethos.

"They’re part of what makes the British Army a diverse and amazing place to operate in."

Rifleman Benjun Gurung joined the Gurkhas and passed out with his brother.

Rifleman Karan Gurung said they were “feeling really proud” to have finally reached this day.

 "We did it after nine months of hard training."

Rifleman Karan Gurung

Rifleman Andolan Rai believes the whole process of training has produced changes in his character.

He said to pass out was his ultimate goal and he is looking forward to showing his family in Nepal how he has become a more mature man.

"I feel proud and happy."

Major General Paul Nanson inspects new Gurkha Rifleman in Catterick.
Major General Paul Nanson, Commandant of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, inspects the new Gurkha Riflemen.

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