For these Cumbrian cadets this was a rare opportunity, not only to go on exercise in Cyprus, but the chance to talk to serving soldiers about their work, their weapon and life in the Army. 

For Cumbria ACF this was the first time in a decade they’d been able to exercise alongside their parent unit, the Duke of Lancasters Regiment.

They were given the chance to meet the battalion’s sniper platoon, to handle their rifles and learn all about the art of concealment. 

They were then tested on their observation skills - trying to find a sniper, then they had a go themselves trying to hide themselves from their colleagues.

The group were even allowed to end the day with some live firing!  

LCpl Nathan Little, from Brampton detachment, Cumbria ACF, says the trip has completely changed his life.

"Before I joined the Cadets I never even thought about joining the army and now I am hoping to join next March".

From eating meze’s to handling machine guns these young people enjoyed a packed week of military activities, one they’ll all remember for many years to come.