The Astra Laarbruch used to be a forces cinema, but now it’s being developed as an extension of Laarbruch’s Royal Air Force Museum.

Former Royal Engineers of 10 Field Squadron are to do the work.

A display reflects the unit’s role at Laarbruch repairing runways and supporting Harrier jump jets.

RAF Laarbruch museum

Former RAF policeman Mark Moodie was at Laarbruch between 1982 and 1986, and said the social life there is an important thing to try and recreate within the museum: 

“It’s something that needs to be preserved, not only for now - for the people who've got great memories, who've been here, and lived here, and done things - but also for the future. For in twenty years' time, thirty years’ time, this place (will) still (be) standing (and it will show) people, 'OK what is this place? What happened here?'”

Volunteers have kept the Laarbruch museum going for ten years and it keeps expanding.

A section devoted to 31 Squadron will open at the end of April.

A Hawker Hunter will soon be on permanent loan from a Berlin air museum and in a few months, 10 Field Squadron hope to open a recreation of the bar that existed there during the 1970s.

RAF museum Germany