RAF Gets New Brimstone 2 Missile To Fight Daesh
The new Brimstone 2 missile has been deployed to the RAF to help in the fight against Daesh in Iraq and Syria.
The Ministry of Defence says the missile, which will be launched from Tornado aircraft, will travel twice as far as its predecessor, the Brimstone 1.
It will be able to hit targets from around 14 miles away.
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Image courtesy: MBDA
It is accurate and powerful enough to take out a tank or kill a person while leaving people unscathed just feet away.
The 1.8 metre-long missile's new guidance system means it can hit a wide range of targets after being fired from the air, such as bunkers and tanks and also fast-travelling armoured vehicles.
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Image courtesy: MBDA
Group Captain Rich Davies, Station Commander of RAF Marham, said: "Brimstone is the RAF’s weapon of choice in close air support operations.
"It is easy to use, highly accurate against static and moving targets, and allows pilots to tackle threats in a complex environment with maximum effect.
"Brimstone 2, which builds on experiences using Brimstone in combat, will provide a step up in performance, giving UK pilots an advanced weapon designed for the future battlefield."
£170 million has been invested in the new missile.
Chief Executive Officer of the MOD’s Defence Equipment and Support organisation, Tony Douglas, said: 
"The increased reach and advanced technology of Brimstone 2 will support our Armed Forces in their future operations to protect the UK’s security and national interests."
"This battle-winning weapon is being delivered to the RAF thanks to the close and effective relationships which exist between the MOD and UK industry."
It is expected to be used on the RAF Typhoon aircraft from 2018.