RAF Tornado GR4 pilot Nevada 2014

With the Royal Air Force celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, we at Forces Network are giving you the chance to put your RAF knowledge to the test.

We'll be asking you 100 questions throughout the year to celebrate this historic milestone, starting with the first 25 below.

It comes after we revealed that despite celebrations taking place across the UK, only 25% of Brits are currently aware that the RAF turns 100 this year.

How's your Air Force knowledge though? Think you could get a perfect score, no problem? 

Just click below to have a go and bear in mind: the pictures might help you - but they might not...


Got any questions you think we need to ask in the next quiz?

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With thanks to Gage Skidmore, Martin Fisch, the German Federal Archives and the RAF Rugby Union for photography.

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