Exercise Cobra Warrior: RAF Waddington Hosts Global Military Aircraft

The tactical training has involved more than 50 aircraft at the Lincolnshire base.

More than 50 aircraft from around the world have been engaged in high-intensity tactical training at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire.

Royal Air Force aircraft have been joined by jets from the United States, German, Italian and Israeli Air Forces for Exercise Cobra Warrior.

Squadron Leader Mike Child, 29 Squadron, OC Training, said: "We bring tactics into it, we look at how other nations - with their capabilities - will fight, and we take the shared lessons we get in terms of mistakes that we all make, and take them forward so we that we don't repeat those mistakes in future."

A German Air Force Typhoon landing at RAF Waddington (Picture: MOD).

It is the first time the Israeli Air Force has flown jets in UK airspace.

Brigadier General Annon Ein Dar, Israeli Air Force, said: "We see how the operational planning process is set up because we set up a little bit different. We see how people are executing in the air - what we can learn out of their drills and the way they are flying.

"Of course, everything together and speaking to other guys, it's a huge lesson learned." 

An Italian Air Force Typhoon fighter jet at RAF Waddington (Picture: MOD).

Personnel from the Royal Navy and Army are also involved in the exercise, which takes place twice a year.

It aims to develop the skills of aircrew whilst trading vital knowledge with other nations.

The hope is that if the time comes to fight together in the future, they are ready to face any potential threat.