Arctic Challenge: RAF In One Of Europe's Largest Air Force Exercises

140 aircraft and 4,000 troops from nine countries took part.

RAF jets and personnel have been in Sweden to take part in one of Europe’s largest air force exercises.

Exercise Arctic Challenge aimed to test their skills in a realistic threat environment.

For two weeks, nine countries took part, including 155 personnel from the RAF.

Wing Commander Matt D'Aubyn, Officer Commanding 6 Squadron, said: "We're really here to employ the jet within as full a spectrum of roles as possible, to make sure that no matter what was requested of us, as part of an alliance, or with our partners in future, we'd be ready to respond and work with them."

RAF jets in Sweden on Arctic Challenge (Picture: RAF).

Five Typhoon fast jets, one Hercules and one Voyager were flown by the RAF.

Each day, around 100 aircraft flew simultaneously in the exercise area, which extended across the airspaces of Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Personnel were tested on their combat skills such as threat evasion tactics like low-level flying, low drops to friendly forces, search and rescue, and air-to-air refuelling.

It is hoped each air force will be sharing knowledge and will have learned from each other, strengthening their interoperability.