Air Power From Dunkirk to D-Day

Air Power: From Dunkirk to D-Day

What role did air power play during the Second World War?

Air Power From Dunkirk to D-Day

When the Allied troops arrived on the shores of Normandy on D-Day in 1944, some of them still remembered with fear what had happened in Dunkirk four years earlier.

The association, explained military historian Dr Peter Caddick-Adams in an RAF video, was not a happy one for Allied soldiers, sailors and airmen.


However, over the span of the four years from the events of Dunkirk and the Normandy landings, many things changed.

The primary difference was airspace control.

During the 1940 campaign, it had been the German forces who had controlled the skies, but in 1944 the Allied forces - mainly Americans and British - were in control of the skies above the shores of Normandy.