When Sergeant Stuart Ball, a Vehicle Support Specialist at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, found out that his father was diagnosed with eye cancer following a routine check-up at the opticians Stuart felt that it was his duty to raise funds for Cancer Research.

Along with eight other team members Stuart will take on a 24 hour Crossfit challenge doing one work out on the hour every hour between Thursday 14th and Friday 15th September.

Aiming to raise over £1,000 Stuart told BFBS Cyprus presenter Jess Bracey why he has decided to take on the challenge: “It was a bit close to home. Last year my father was diagnosed with eye cancer after going for a routine opticians eye test. I know that cancer has touched a lot of people around the world so I thought why not take on this challenge.”

Crossfit Challenge

Training most mornings before work, Stuart has received much support from the station. “The lads have stood by me a lot and have got me through it.”

“It’s a personal challenge more than anything and just doing your bit. It’s being the guy that’s done that little bit extra to raise money and help people.”

BFBS Cyprus will be reporting live from the 24 hour crossfit event between Thursday 14th and Friday 15th September.

All donations for Cancer Research from wherever you are across the forces world are welcome and support to attend the event if you’re in Akrotiri is encouraged.


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