Cover image: RAF Wittering (Picture: PA).

Military Bases To Pilot New Housing Scheme

Cover image: RAF Wittering (Picture: PA).

Military personnel and their families at trim-service bases are being offered the chance to test a new housing scheme, aimed at providing "greater flexibility".

The scheme launched at RAF Wittering, Aldershot Garrison and HMNB Clyde on Monday and will run over a three-year period.

New proposals under the Future Accommodation Model (FAM) extend accommodation support to those outside of marriage and civil partnership.

For the first time, family accommodation support will be available to those in long-term relationships or with dependent children, the RAF said.

During the pilot scheme, the Air Force said personnel at RAF Wittering will be given "more choice" over where, how, and with whom they live with. 

Other changes being trialled include family size dictating accommodation support, rather than rank or marital status. 

Eligible personnel taking part in the pilot will also receive new support when renting or buying a property, alongside existing accommodation options, the RAF said.

RAF Wittering is the third defence base to trial the Future Accommodation Model (Picture: PA).
RAF Wittering is the third defence base to trial the Future Accommodation Model (Picture: PA).

Air Vice Marshal Maria Byford, Chief of Staff Personnel, said the future of military housing needs to "reflect" changing lifestyles.

"FAM aims to better support the workforce of the future irrespective of their relationship status or rank, letting our people choose with whom, where and how they want to live their lives," she said.

"The launch of the pilot at RAF Wittering will give us the opportunity to understand how we might do that best, listening to the feedback from our service personnel and their families to shape an accommodation offer that is fit for purpose."

Cover image: RAF Wittering (Picture: PA).