RAF Team Wins Tri-Service War Games Tournament

The Armed Forces tournament involved more than 1,000 miniatures as military teams battled it out.

A Royal Air Force team has won a tri-service military tabletop war games competition.

The Inter Service tournament at Nottinghamshire's Chetwynd Barracks featured more than 1,000 miniatures and was the first event of its kind to be held at the site.

The competition pits miniature armies against each other in an intense game of strategy focused on wiping out the opponent.

Each game is designed with one mission: to survive, to destroy the enemy and to move around the board

To do that, those taking part are calling upon their military training, although the main ethos behind the competition is to bring personnel together.

War Games Club chairman, Lance Corporal Henry Primrose, praised the event’s "community spirit".

"It is a competition at the end of the day but the main emphasis with this is to bring all of us together and enjoy it," he said.

The competition pits miniatures against each other in tabletop battles.

Petty Officer Alan Bates, from the Royal Navy team, told Forces News about how a military background can be useful during the game, which can last for hours.

"As an engineer we have to do problem-solving anyway, that’s essentially what it is, it's a problem-solving game, something like chess on steroids," he said

The "biggest difference" he said was applying "maintenance planning" skills to "something more enjoyable".