RAF Wartime Bomb Causes Mass Evacuation in Germany

The 1.8-ton bomb was one of the largest ever found in Paderborn...

A massive bomb dropped on the German city of Paderborn in 1945 by the RAF has been defused after one of the largest evacuations of its kind.

26,000 people had to leave their homes so specialist teams could work on the the device.

Garden in Paderborn where unexploded RAF wartime bomb was found

The 1.8-ton so-called 'Blockbuster' bomb was originally found in a garden during construction work near Paderborn University in March.

Paderborn Police spokesperson Uli Krawinkel said the discovery has caused a great deal of disruption.

"Sometimes only a single house or a single street is affected. But we've never had an evacuation on this scale in Paderborn.”  

Emergency services in Paderborn map area around unexploded RAF wartime bomb

Anyone living within a 1.5km radius had to leave

Four hospitals, five retirement homes and a hospice were cleared, along with part of the British Army's Barker Barracks in the south of Paderborn.

More than a thousand police and emergency service personnel were involved in the operation.

Trucks remove RAF wartime bomb defused in Paderborn

Bomb disposal specialists spent more than five hours working on the device before it could be moved. 

Unexploded bombs from the Second World War are still regularly unearthed in Germany and Britain more than 70 years after the conflict ended.

A similar device defused in Frankfurt last year forced 60,000 residents from their homes in what was the biggest evacuation in post-war Germany.