File image of an RAF Typhoon (Picture: MOD).

RAF Typhoon Declares Emergency Over Scotland

The Typhoon fighter jet declared an emergency with a technical issue.

File image of an RAF Typhoon (Picture: MOD).

An RAF Typhoon declared an emergency while flying over Scotland earlier on Monday.

According to an RAF spokesperson, the aircraft from RAF Lossiemouth was "on a routine training sortie" and had a technical issue.

"As a precaution, the pilot returned to base where the aircraft landed safely," the RAF spokesman said.

RAF Lossiemouth is home to the Quick Reaction Alert Typhoon squadrons and the RAF's new fleet of Poseidon submarine-hunting aircraft.

The base is also currently undergoing a £360m upgrade, with a £100m facility for the Poseidon fleet handed over to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) last year.