Op Shader

Tornados Carry Out Final Sorties Over Syria

The aircraft flew their final patrol over Syria at the end of January.

An air strike involving Tornado and Typhoon aircraft on 19 January.

RAF Tornados have completed their final missions over Iraq and Syria as part of Operation Shader.

It comes as RAF Tornado GR4s return to Britain from operations in the Middle East for the final time.

On 31 January, the last operational sorties by the ground attack aircraft took place.

The Ministry of Defence said a pair of GR4s flew a patrol lasting more than six hours and returned to RAF Akrotiri at 1400 GMT.

The announcement comes as the MOD released an update of air strikes against so-called Islamic State.

Nineteen air strikes were launched by RAF Tornados, Typhoons and Reapers across Iraq and Syria between 7 and 26 January.

Footage was also released of an airstrike on Saturday 19 January, which involved Tornados and Typhoons, destroying a target described as a strong-point and a sniper position north-east of Abu Kamal.

The MOD says coalition aircraft remain available to assist the Iraqi security forces in their operations to prevent Daesh re-establishing any foothold in the country.

Operation Shader, the British contribution to the fight against IS, has been going on for more than four years after beginning in September 2014.