RAF Regiment Unit Disbanded Following Abuse Allegations

Royal Air Force Police are investigating following an alleged incident.

A Royal Air Force Regiment unit has been disbanded following abuse allegations, the Defence Secretary has said.

The unit, named as "Support Weapons Flight" by Ben Wallace, has been "disbanded with immediate effect".

Mr Wallace told the House of Commons: "We were all appalled by the reporting we saw of the incident involving members of the RAF Regiment at the weekend.

"The RAF Police are investigating the incident and the victims have been offered our full support.

"The Chief of the Air Staff and I had a discussion about the incident over the weekend and he has, with my support, acted quickly.

"He has removed officers from the immediate chain of command without prejudice pending the findings of a police investigation and the unit involved, the Support Weapons Flight, will be disbanded with immediate effect.

"Bullying, harassment and discrimination has no place in our Armed Forces, and neither I nor the Chief of the Air Staff tolerate it."

Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston later released a statement, and described the allegations as a "deplorable incident".

"Many of you have contacted me personally to say how appalled you are, and I share your anger," the Chief of the Air Staff said.

"That behaviour has no place in the Royal Air Force."

Defence minister Johnny Mercer tweeted: "There is zero tolerance of inappropriate behaviours in the military under this Government."