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Pride Of Britain Awards: The Unsung Heroes Of The British Military

The ceremony celebrates British people who have acted bravely in challenging situations.

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Connor Roe, Josh Bratchley, Jason Mallinson, Chris Jewell and John Volanthen received their 'Outstanding Bravery' award from Major Tim Peake and Professor Brian Cox (Picture: PA).

It was certainly a proud moment for the British military at the Pride of Britain awards last night, which celebrate British people who have acted bravely in challenging situations.

Lance Corporal Connor Roe

The British Army soldier was part of the team that rescued 12 schoolboys and their football coach from a flooded cave in Thailand.

For his part in the rescue team, LCpl Roe received the 'Outstanding Bravery' award along with fellow divers.

Upon receiving it, he said: "It was as a job done.

"It was an unfortunate incident and we were able to assist in a large team."

Brian Cox, giving the awards with Major Tim Peake, praised their bravery: “What you did out there, putting your lives on the line, was exceptionally brave.”

The Royal Air Force

The 'Special Recognition' award was honoured to the RAF on its centenary

George "Johnny" Johnson, Flight Lieutenant Kerry Bennett, Wing Commander Manjeet Ghatora and Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier collected the award from actor and campaigner Michael Sheen.

Mr Johnson, a former Squadron Leader, is the last surviving Dambuster.

He briefly mentioned the historical mission during the night: "Eight aircraft were lost. 53 killed in action – a tremendous loss."

Michael Sheen said it was “extraordinary to be on stage with an actual Dambuster. "It’s an organisation that has literally saved our country,” he told the Daily Mirror.

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Air Chief Marshall Sir Steven Hillier, actor Michael Sheen, Johnny Johnson with the Special Recognition award, Manjeet Ghataora and Kerry Bennett (Picture:PA).

Margaret Wadsworth

Ms Wadsworth received the ITV Fundraiser of the Year award for raising almost £1 million for the Royal British Legion.

She said: “It was overwhelming.

"It’s important people remember the huge sacrifices that have been made and the lives lost.”

Ms Wadsworth has done 12 years of charity work for the Poppy Appeal.

pride of britain PA
Margaret Wadsworth was presented the ITV Fundraiser of the Year award by Sir Cliff Richard and singer Rochelle Humes.

Carol Vorderman, an Honorary Group Captain in the RAF, hosted the annual ceremony.

She said: "I have been wearing the uniform for the last four years and I give a lot of time every year to that.

"It's one of the best things I have ever done and I would do anything for the RAF.

"I always wanted to be a fighter pilot, but in the days when I could have joined, the RAF didn't take girls as pilots - so I had to find something else to do.

"Many of my friends are serving and I know many of the veterans and they are just remarkable."

The Mirror's Pride Of Britain Awards will air on television in November.