RAF annual photography competition - crown copyright

IN PICTURES: The Winning Shots From The RAF Photographic Competition 2018

The ‘Peoples’ Choice’ category was introduced this year as part of the celebrations for the RAF centenary. 

RAF annual photography competition - crown copyright

'Remembrance' by Corporal Tim Laurence (Crown Copyright).

The winners of this year's RAF Photographic Competition have been announced.

Corporal Tim Laurence of the Photo ACSSU, Royal Air Force Halton, won the ‘Peoples’ Choice' award with his photo 'Remembrance' (above).

The ceremony was held on Thursday at RAF Museum Bentley Priory.

Cpl Tim Laurence standing proud with his award (Picture: Ministry of Defence).

Air Commodore Bradshaw presented the various awards to the category winners.

The ‘Peoples’ Choice’ category was introduced this year as part of the celebrations for the RAF centenary.

The photos, captured by military and civilian photographers, showcase the best of the RAF and are available to see online.

RAF annual photography competition - crown copyright
'Perfection' by Sergeant Paul Oldfield won the 'RAF Equipment' award (Crown Copyright).

A pair of Typhoon FGR4 aircraft from the RAF Typhoon Display Team, 29 Squadron, performing a dynamic crossover on their arrival at the RAF Cosford Air Show.

Judging for the 2018 RAF Photographic Competition recently took place at the RAF Museum London.

The best nine images were whittled down by three industry professional judges, before going head-to-head online to compete for the ‘Peoples’ Choice’ category. 

RAF annual photography competition - crown copyright
'Parallels' by Senior Aircraftwoman Hannah Smoker won the 'RAF Image of the Year' category (Crown Copyright).

This shot was taken during the transit from Kuwait City to Doha, Qatar, as part of the RAFAT Eastern Hawk Tour 2017.

Edmond Terakopian, a freelance photographer and one of this year’s judges, talked about how he enjoyed the initiative: 

“To be able to be here and judge the competition has been really good fun and interesting.

“[It was] really good to see the multi-media aspect too, the videos were very good, some of them delved really deep into storytelling and the subtleties needed to tell a story really well.

“We’ve been judging for an entire day but it’s gone by in a blink of an eye because the pictures have been so great."

'In Order To Fly You Have To Trust What You Can't See' by A/Sgt Rob Travis, who is the RAF photographer of the year (Crown Copyright).

Two RAF Typhoons flying over the mountains in the West Falklands. The Typhoon FGR4 operates 24/7 as part of the Quick Reaction Alert team on the Falkland Islands. 

James Vellacott, another judge from Cherry Duck Studios and former photographer for the Daily Mirror, said that he was “very, very honoured” to have been invited:

“I think there’s a really good balance of judge’s background here and the standards are super high.

“Some real skill has gone in to these images, as I know you only get that one shot sometimes to get it right.

“I think there’s going to be an explosion now of civilian photographers entering this competition (Amateur category).

"There’s plenty of civilian photographers that go to air shows and they produce some amazing stuff too.”

RAF annual photography competition - crown copyright
'Selfie' submitted by Corporal Tim Laurence won the 'Personnel' award (Crown Copyright).

The photographer captured a “Selfie” during a routine training sortie over the coast of Anglesey, Wales in an RAF Hawk T2.

Jim Hedge, a judge and picture editor at The Guardian, said the standard of the images was "very high": 

“Some areas really glowed and general themes really came through but I think for us the top three were quite clear.

“The stuff that makes the best photos is the stuff that you guys [RAF] do day in day out.

“The really resting visual images are the ones I don’t see so much as a picture editor, the kind of stuff that the RAF see’s every day.”

'Smoke In The Sun' by Mark Thompson won the 'Amateur Photography' category (Crown Copyright).

Taken at Weston Air Day, Weston-Super-Mare. Seven of the nine Red Arrows Hawk T1 aircraft come over the top of a loop in formation.

The annual RAF Photographic Competition was established to promote the image and reputation of the RAF through the medium of photography and video, and encourage and develop high standards in all styles and disciplines of military photography and video. 

All photographs or videos entered in the Competition have to have been taken during the period 18 July 2017 to 16 July 2018. 

    RAF annual photography competition - crown copyright
    'Race For The Line' by Senior Aircraftwoman Amy Lupton won best 'Sports' photograph (Crown Copyright).

    The Army, Navy and Royal Air Force Rowing Clubs came together in a battle for the Joint Services Regatta Title at Thames Valley Park, Reading.

    To commemorate the centenary of the RAF, competition entrants were asked to look to submit photos that celebrate the achievements and capabilities of the RAF and inspire the next generation and leave a legacy to ensure future success. 

    RAF annual photography competition - crown copyright
    'Flaring Up' by Corporal L Matthews won the 'RAF Operations' award (Crown Copyright).

    A RAF Puma HC2 flying over the city of Kabul, Afghanistan as part of a sortie in support of Operation TORAL. The Puma is the main source of transport between different camps within Kabul.

    The 13 submission categories included:

    • RAF Photographic Section Portfolio
    • Technical/Engineering,
    • RAF Operations 
    • RAF Equipment
    • Sports
    • Personnel
    • Video,
    • RAF100
    • Student Photography
    • Amateur Photography
    • RAF Photographer of the Year
    • RAF Image of the Year
    • The ‘Peoples’ Choice’

    Over 1,000 images were entered from professional photographers from across the RAF and amateurs from both the military and general public.

    ‘The Amateur Category’ was opened-up to the general public for the first time this year for the RAF's centenary.

    More than 250 entries were submitted to this category alone.