Victor Gate Guardian at RAF Marham (Picture: RAF Marham).

RAF Marham Gate Guardian To Be Scrapped After No New Home Found

Victor Gate Guardian at RAF Marham (Picture: RAF Marham).

The Royal Air Force has said it has made the "difficult decision" to dispose of RAF Marham’s gate guardian.

An assessment earlier this year revealed the Victor aircraft was "suffering from structural weaknesses" and faced being scrapped unless someone could give her a new home.

Unable to afford the repairs, the Norfolk base offered the Cold War-era jet for free to anyone who could remove and restore her.

Comedian and actor Johnny Vegas was among those to express interest, before pulling out of the running after a "reality check", tweeting: "Sorry all but I couldn't even squeeze it into my front & backyard."

With her fate now sealed, the RAF is giving people an opportunity to see the Victor for one final time, on Saturday 10 October.

Given the restrictions over coronavirus, the number of visitors will be limited, and time slots will be allocated for viewings, the base said.

Priority will be given to those who have a link to the Victor, whether having previously worked on the aircraft or family of former crew members. 

The RAF said its decision to scrap the Cold War-era aircraft was "difficult" (Picture: RAF Marham).
The RAF said its decision to scrap the Cold War-era aircraft was "difficult" (Picture: RAF Marham).

A statement on the RAF Marham website said: "Unfortunately no-one has come forward who has the capability to remove and restore her so the difficult decision has been made to dispose of her.

"Whilst RAF Marham will be sad to dispose of an aircraft that played an important role in the heritage of the station we are reassured that there is a Victor in the skilled and professional care of the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford and the Imperial War Museum collection at Duxford. 

"We are reassured that the story of the Victor fleet and those who flew and supported it is preserved for perpetuity for the nation and the national collection." 

The Victor, which was operated from RAF Marham, was a British jet-powered strategic bomber, produced by the Handley Page Aircraft Company.

It was the third and final V-bomber to be operated by the RAF.

Anyone interested in visiting the Victor should email [email protected] with their details by Friday 18 September.

Cover image: The Victor jet gate guardian at RAF Marham (Picture: RAF Marham).

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