RAF Joins US And French Air Forces In Exercise Atlantic Trident

Royal Air Force Typhoons, US Air Force F-35As and French Rafale fighters are collaborating on the tri-nation Exercise Atlantic Trident.

The Royal Air Force has joined the air forces of the US and France to take part in the joint multinational field training exercise Atlantic Trident.

RAF Typhoon pilots of XI (F) Squadron have been working alongside the US Air Force F-35As and French Rafale fighters in the exercise that has been taking place over southwest and central France for the last two weeks.

Typhoons have been joining daily events in the sky by flying from their home base at RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire, supported by RAF Voyager Tankers from Oxfordshire's RAF Brize Norton.

The air forces have been developing skills in working together, exploiting the strengths of their aircraft and developing the ability to operate as a unified team.

Flight Lieutenant Smyth, RAF IX (F) Squadron Pilot spoke about the significance of flying together on the exercise with the US and France, enabling them to "deliver increased effect".

"We will be able to better understand each other and come together to achieve optimum interoperability.

Exercise Atlantic Trident RAF Coningsby 19052021 CREDITS RAF.jpg
Exercise Atlantic Trident, with Typhoons joining daily events from home base RAF Coningsby (Picture: RAF).

"Training together is really important because it helps us to understand the similarities of our respective air arm, the strengths of each of our fighter aircraft, and how we can work together to improve.

"Both technologically and operationally in terms of the effect we are trying to achieve."

The exercise marks a milestone in RAF history as F-35B Lightning jets, currently embarked on HMS Queen Elizabeth on her first operational deployment, will join the exercise.

Group Captain Farrow, RAF Liaison Officer to the French Military said: "The participation of the UK's RAF in Exercise Atlantic Trident is a reflection of the high value we place on working with and flying with our French and US partners.

"Typhoon fighters from XI(F) Squadron and F-35B Lightnings of 617 (Dambusters) Squadron will be taking part in the exercise while Voyager tankers from 101 Squadron will provide fuel for aircraft from all three nations."