RAF Hands Over COVID Testing In Derbyshire

One hundred and thirty RAF personnel are wrapping up their work in South Derbyshire after completing seven weeks of asymptomatic coronavirus testing.

They deployed to Swadlincote before Christmas, tasked with setting up three sites for regular repeat COVID testing and have delivered more than 13,000 tests.

They will now remain on high readiness to be called in to further support coronavirus operations.

The first site to open was at Grove Hall back on 19 December, which closed last week.

The second was at Gresley Old Hall which is closing on Friday evening.

Meanwhile, the Midway Community Centre is being handed back to the council where it will continue to offer asymptomatic testing to the public.

Squadron Leader Charlie Lynn, Detachment Commander, Derbyshire Community Testing Unit, told Forces News: “It’s been a really rewarding detachment for everybody who’s been involved.

“This is what defence does, it protects the people of the United Kingdom and we’ve come here to support Derbyshire County Council in the delivery of their community testing.

“We’ve been really well received – both by the council who we’ve enjoyed working with, and also with the local community, who have welcomed us with open arms and been incredibly supportive.”

Asymptomatic testing will remain available in South Derbyshire, to be run by the council at sites across the region.

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