RAF Croughton: Could CCTV And Stop And Search Be Implemented Outside Base?

It is after recent video showed another driver on the wrong side of the road close to the base, near where Harry Dunn was killed last year.

The use of CCTV and stop and search exercises by police at an RAF base is being considered after footage emerged of a driver on the wrong side of the road near where Harry Dunn was killed, according to the family's spokesman.

After seeing the video, which was filmed last week, showing the near-miss with a blue BMW near RAF Croughton, Northamptonshire Police Chief Constable Nick Adderley said he was concerned.

The new video, reported to Northamptonshire Police on Saturday, shows the car has what appears to be one of the registration numbers used on US government vehicles in the UK.

"I do not under-estimate how much of a concerning incident this was and how much worse it could have been, especially considering the circumstances in which 19-year-old Harry Dunn tragically died," Mr Adderley said.

“I want to be absolutely clear on the fact that these incidents just cannot keep happening."

Northamptonshire Police have also confirmed there was another incident in October, where a police vehicle was struck by an American driver also driving on the wrong side of the road.

Mr Dunn, 19, was killed when his motorbike collided with a car outside RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire on 27 August last year.

The 42-year-old suspect, Anne Sacoolas, the wife of a US intelligence official, claimed diplomatic immunity after the incident and was able to return to her home country, sparking an international controversy.

Mr Adderley is reportedly prepared to increase safety measures outside the base if he is "not satisfied" after an urgent meeting with the base's commander, Colonel Bridget McNamara.

"He indicated that if he was not satisfied with the outcome, he would be ensuring that his force would put up CCTV cameras around the base and undertake regular stop and search exercises at the exit to the base to ensure that the drivers coming off it knew what they were doing," Mr Seiger said.

Harry Dunn died last August after his motorbike was involved in a crash outside RAF Croughton.

Radd Seiger spokesman for the Dunn family, told Forces News he has had "absolutely" no contact from the RAF base.

"I have sent many messages to the base," he said.

"They don't appear to want to talk."

Forces News has contacted RAF Croughton for comment.

Mr Seiger said he believes the base is "following orders" from the US President Donald Trump after an edict was issued, ordering them not to talk.

Despite the lack of contact, he said he remains committed to making sure this never happens to another family again.

"We will do everything we can to make sure it doesn't," Mr Seiger said.