A Reaper drone.
Reaper drone (Picture: MOD).
Islamic State

RAF conduct Reaper drone strike against IS in Syria

A Reaper drone.
Reaper drone (Picture: MOD).

The RAF have conducted a strike against a known so-called Islamic State (IS) terrorist in northern Syria, according to the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

In an update, the MOD said the crew of a remotely piloted Reaper, armed with Hellfire missiles, tracked the individual near the city of Ras al Ayn before carrying out a strike on 25 October.

It comes as part of Operation Shader, the UK's mission against IS.

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The RAF previously conducted an air strike against IS on 6 September, with two Typhoon fighter jets supporting Iraqi ground forces under fire from Daesh.

Two RAF Typhoon fighter jets responded to the call for assistance, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) said, with a single Paveway IV guided bomb being fired.

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