Cover: Hawk jets fly over RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire as a rehearsal for their centenary flypast (Picture: PA).

The Royal Air Force have completed their final practice ahead of the pinnacle of RAF 100 celebrations – the flypast. 

Next Tuesday, up to 100 jets, helicopters and aeroplanes from across a range of different eras of RAF history will descend on the skies above London as the RAF marks its centenary year. 

The flypast is expected to include the new stealth fighter F-35 jets; Puma, Chinook, Juno and Jupiter helicopters; aircraft from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight including the Dakota, Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire as well as training aircraft such as the Prefect Tucano and Hawk. 

In addition, the Hercules, Atlas A400M, C-17, BAe 146, Sentinel, Voyager, Shadow, Rivet Joint, E-3D Sentry, Tornado GR4, Typhoon and Red Arrows are also set to appear.

The aircraft are due to fly over Buckingham Palace on 10 July, but for Tuesday’s dress rehearsal they flew over Old College at RAF Cranwell. 

Chinook and Puma helicopters fly over RAF Cranwell for RAF 100 rehearsal 030718 CREDIT PA
Six Chinook and three Puma helicopters led 67 aircraft in the practice flypast, which has taken months to plan (Picture: PA).

Everybody has to know timings, speeds and heights 100 miles before they even reach Buckingham Palace. 

This is the biggest flypast the RAF have put together since the mass displays immediately after the Second World War.

It is the centrepiece of their centenary year and it is hoped that it will inspire future generations to join them.