RAF Chinook moves through Odiham village

RAF Blocks Village To Move Chinook Chopper

Odiham High Street was closed to transport a dismantled helicopter...

RAF Chinook moves through Odiham village

RAF Odiham has thanked local residents for their support after a main route through their village was shut down to allow a Chinook helicopter to be transported by road.

RAF Chinook blocks Odiham
Picture: Twitter/RAF Odiham

The main section of a Mk 5 helicopter had to travel through the centre of Odiham because the usual route for moving aircraft parts was blocked by road works.

Picture: Twitter/RAF Odiham

Odiham High Street was closed for 2 hours while the section was moved by a team from the Joint Aircraft Recovery and Transport Squadron.

During the annual Families day at RAF Odiham a Chinook Mk6 Helicopter from 7 Squadron demonstrate its capabilities during its 'role demonstration'

RAF Odiham is home to three Chinook squadrons and a display team. The twin-rotor helicopter was introduced into RAF service in 1980 and was first deployed in the Falklands War in April 1982.

RAF Odiham tweeted their thanks to the villagers after the road was reopened.