Queen’s Royal Hussars Celebrate 25th Birthday

The Queen’s Royal Hussars have celebrated their 25th anniversary with a ceremony at Athlone Barracks in Sennelager, Germany.

The regiment was formed when the Queen's Own Hussars and the Queen's Royal Irish Hussars merged. 

Two and a half decades later, old comrades and serving soldiers came together to mark the occasion.

QRH Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Nick Cowley said it was important to include former soldiers and their families at the event.

“We’re celebrating that [merger] and to do so we’ve invited back all the old comrades. So we’ve had 250 old comrades with their guests celebrating with the serving regiment.”

Veterans and families joined troops at QRH 25th birthday ceremony.
Veterans and families joined troops at the QRH 25th birthday ceremony.

Serving personnel, the band of the Welsh Guards, the Paderborn Schutzenverein, or shooting club, and members of the Old Comrades’ Association all paraded before large crowds under a hot September sun.

The wife of one of the soldiers, Camille Campbell-Wild, said it was really important to see everyone on the parade.

“It just makes you so proud. Past friends that we haven’t seen for ages, the comrades and veterans. It was just such a beautiful day.”

Visitors explore tank at QRH 25th birthday event
Visitors explore a tank at the QRH 25th birthday event.

“It’s been phenomenal, quite overwhelming actually,” said veteran Ashley Winter.

“Just being able to get on the tanks and then see everybody on parade today was really special. And to hear the old song and sing along. It was brilliant.”

QRH soldiers put on a close quarters combat demonstration
QRH soldiers put on a close quarters combat demonstration.

The regiment also put on a display of hardware and provided a history area. Serving soldiers also put on a demonstration of close quarters combat.

Later, QRH teams took part in football and rugby matches.

Lieutenant Colonel Cowley was in no doubt that the weekend was important to those associated with the regiment – both young and old.

“We are a family regiment and we really try and include all our old comrades and also the families of our serving regiment. So having these sorts of weekends brings everyone together and really allows us to come together as a family.”  

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