Queen To Unveil Memorial Honouring Those Who Served In Iraq And Afghanistan

Forces TV will broadcast the ceremony live from Westminster this morning.

A new memorial honouring the UK Armed Forces and civilians who served in the Gulf region, Iraq and Afghanistan will be unveiled by the Monarch today.

Forces TV will have coverage of the unveiling in a 90-minute special programme which you can also see on the network's Facebook page.

The memorial commemorates both military personnel and civilians who served in the Gulf and Afghanistan from 1990-2015. More than 600 British soldiers were killed. It also recognises those who worked on the humanitarian side of operations, in areas such as aid distribution, education, healthcare, infrastructure and governance.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said:"The memorial will stand as a permanent reminder of the contribution and sacrifice that so many members of our Armed Forces, aid workers and civilian personnel made towards the security of the United Kingdom and the interests of Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Their efforts underline our on-going commitment to support the people of this region in building a more stable future which will help keep Britain safer and more secure."

Iraq Memorial image
The memorial depicts a theme of duty and service
Iraq memorial Westminster
The Queen will perform the unveiling ceremony

Sculptor Paul Day designed the memorial, which gives equal prominence to the civilian and military contributions.

It consists of two large stone monoliths supporting a bronze medallion. The two-sided medallion has sculpted reliefs depicting the memorial’s theme of "duty and service".