Queen: Government To Tackle 'Vexatious Claims' Against Military Personnel

It follows a pledge made by the Prime Minister before the General Election.

The Queen has said the Government is working to tackle "vexatious claims" against military personnel.

It follows a pledge from the Prime Minister to change the law to protect forces veterans from unfair and "vexatious" legal action.

The Conservatives have previously said they want to amend the Human Rights Act so it does not apply to incidents that took place before the law came into force in October 2000.

During a speech given to parliament, which the Prime Minister described as the "most radical Queen's Speech in a generation", Her Majesty said: "My Government will continue to invest in our gallant Armed Forces.

"My Government will honour the Armed Forces Covenant, which will be further incorporated into law, and the NATO commitment to spend at least 2% of national income on defence.

"It will bring forward proposals to tackle vexatious claims that undermine our Armed Forces and will continue to seek better ways of dealing with legacy issues that provide better outcomes for victims and survivors.

"My Government will work to promote and expand the United Kingdom's influence in the world.

"An Integrated Security, Defence and Foreign Policy Review will be undertaken to reassess the nation's place in the world, covering all aspects of international policy from defence to diplomacy and development."

Watch: Justice for Northern Ireland Veterans' Paul Young 'pleased' with the Queen's speech.

The Justice for Northern Ireland Veterans group said they welcomed the promise to protect military personnel as a "positive move".

"It's something that we've been looking forward for some time, and asking the government to take this issue seriously," Paul Young, Spokesperson for Justice for Northern Ireland Veterans, said.

"In the past, lots of promises have been made, but nothing tangible has come forward, so we are hopeful that having put it in the Queen's Speech, the Prime Minister and his government are serious about addressing this issue."

Mr Young added the group hopes "legislation will be brought forward."